Programme App

Put the programme in your pocket!

Download the EPC programme app by using the appropriate link or scanning the QR code. The app is saved locally on your mobile device and automatically updated once downloading is completed. Thus you can access the current programme at any time.


The app is web-based and need not be downloaded from the app store.


As soon as the app is running, you can add it to your home screen menu to be able to use it while offline.


  Apple iOS

After having opened the app in your browser (preferably Safari):

  1. Tap the share button – little blue square with an arrow pointing upwards
  2. Select “Add to home screen” from the drop-down menu
  3. Confirm by tapping “Add”

The EPC-app icon will now appear on your home screen.


After having opened the app in your browser (preferably Chrome):

  1. Open the context menu of your browser
  2. Tap the menu item “Add to home screen”

The EPC-app icon will now appear on your home screen.


You have successfully installed the EPC app on your device and the conference programme is just one touch away at any time.

Please note that this procedure may vary, depending on the version of your operating system. The app is adjusted to newer operating systems. Using older versions may lead to malfunctions.

Do you need help or have a question? Please contact the Welcome Desk on site in Basel. Our team will gladly help you should you have any questions.

Using the app

The app is simple and intuitive. You can easily control the information displayed by using the menu buttons and menu bar in the top left.


You can choose among the following options in the menu:

  • Programme: Gives you a clear overview of the scientific programme.
  • Personal schedule: Favour the sessions you would like to attend and create your own personal schedule.
  • Sponsors: Get a list of all exhibitors and sponsors supporting the EP conference.
  • Site plan: Get an overview where everything is located.
  • Evaluation: Please give us your valuable feedback. Thank you!

Have fun and enjoy an exciting congress!

Coming soon!

The Programme App will become available in the next few days.